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The Big Bore Shoulder rig
The 500 Magnum      
Marston Gunleather        
Walt Marston                        
106 Wilson Road                
Erwin, TN 37650

phone: 423-743-3580
Puller Shoulder Rig
This rig is available for any
large caliber revolver, any
barrel length,  270.
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Ruger Blackhawk in a Hunter Holster with security strap
GUNBELT MEASUREMENT : over trousers, using a tape measure, measure where you will wear your gunbelt.  
Do NOT rely on the size pants you wear or what size you THINK you are, please be accurate;  
We can not be responsible if the measurement you provide us is incorrect.  
Each gunbelt is custom made and it will be exactly the size you give to the center hole.
Snake Dispatcher Crossdraw- 365.00,
shown in an embossed Crocodile leather
Puller rig shown to the left
with a 500 magnum Smith and
Wesson 4" barrel.
The  Hunter Hip Holsters
This can be made for any handgun,
any caliber, any barrel length.  
Price 385.00
The 500 Barbecue  Rig - 500.00
below is a fully tooled double rig for
Smith-29's can be made for any gun, any
caliber, any size.  This rig is  745.00
The Python - shown above,
fully tooled,  500.00, without
tooling, 365.00
can be purchased for any length
barrel.  Price 425.00 / Tooled 485.00
The 29 Crossdraw- holster
only, made to fit your
existing belt. 210.00
Any of these rigs can be made to fit any gun, any
caliber, any barrel length.
The Tracker- 365.00
The Tracker 2- 365.00    
The Tracker rigs shown above can be made with any width belt.
The Mountaineer-
shown in drop-loop
with a lace holster band
Tracker 3- two tone, 210.00
holster only, made to fit existing belt