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The two high profile conceal-carry
holsters shown, are designed so
ride away from the body.  Fit is
close and tight- very comfortable.  
Can be made for any semi-automatic
or  revolver  135.00 same price for
either or and your choice of color.
Holster on the right shown
with --> thumb-snap and
belt-loop in the back.
Shown above and below are inside the waistband holsters designs  Price is 125.00  can be made
for any semi-automatic or revolver, your choice of color.
H & K Compact Duty Carry shoulder holster,detective holster, detective duty holster
Duty Carry Holster with mag pouches and cuff pocket
dective shoulder rig,H&K rig detective,duty holster
shoulder holster angled slightly up for safety and a rapid response.
225.00 can be made for any semi-auto or revolver -                    
Shipping for this rig 20.00
Detective holster, holster detective shoulder, shoulder holster, shoulder rig,
Marston Gun Leather
106 Wilson Road
Erwin, TN 37650  U.S.A.
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Inside the waistband and hip holsters,
shipping 10.00